Free - Cell Phone Charger posted 2011-12-07 19:09:41

$365.00 in Santa Barbara, CA

FREE - Cell phone charger - Casio Desk Top Cradle #DC080611 Even though the phone was supposedly unbreakable - I managed to break my Casio G'Zone phone (like those gigantic Casio G-Shock watches from the 1980's - it was supposed to be indestructable.) Anyway, I broke it - and now I have a charger that I don't need. It's proprietary to the phone, so unless you have one of these supposedly bulletproof phones, you can't use it. Below is a picture of the phone that fits it as well as the charger I'm giving away. I ONLY HAVE THE CHARGER TO GIVE AWAY. The model number is above. Location: Santa Barbara, Off Kellogg

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