Verizon Driod X Cheap! posted 2011-12-07 19:09:38

$90.00 in Reno, CA

This phone was built to compete with the iphone. So I bought it because verizon didnt have the iphone. Now I want an iphone. This phone is sick. in my oppinion the best phone on the market except for the iphone 4s. It is very fast with the same screen as the iphone 4. I had a better sound chip put in it at the mall. It comes with an 8 gig sd card charger and hard case. It is only about 6 months old and is fully restored. No cracks scratches dents ect. any questions TEXT me or email me a number to call you at (775) 378 3449 The other windows 7 phone is 40. and in perfect condition both phones. Location: Sparks

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