Custom Build Comp (win 7 Ult) Need Gone Asap! posted 2011-12-04 17:07:16

$150.00 in College Station, TX

I had this computer built for me from a Microsoft certified tech. I recently upgraded to a new comp and got a speeding ticket so I REALLY need to sell this. There's nothing wrong with it, formatted the HDD and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 onto the HDD. Will come with XION case Nvidia 9500gt GPU Wireless b/g card DVD rom drive I used this computer for internet, email, graphics processing, image manipulation, and some light gaming. I never pushed the GPU as far as it would go, but I know you can overclock it substantially since it is a 9500gt. I did run a dual monitor setup (20" and 23") for a while and it handled that very well. Have used it to play blu-ray format movies on my 42" TV with no pixelation or lag from the graphics card. This is a great computer and I really just need it gone. I"m open to trades if you don't have the cash. I like cell phones (verizon) and have been looking for a netbook/touchpad for a while. I would also look into ipads (plus cash on my side obviously) I"m not limited to electronics, just let me know what you have and we can talk! I don't have space for this thing in my apt unfortunately or I'd turn it into the entertainment comp I meant to after buying a new comp haha 713-894-4064 Mark text if possible Pics will be to serious people Location: spring loop

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