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$55.00 in Beaumont, TX

PAID $169 - SELLING FOR $55, Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper - ONE (1) Body Magic - BLACK SIZE 36. Never been worn, never tried on. Brand new - still in the package. BODY MAGIC - Finally there are body shaping garments that really work. The Ardyss Body Magic will instantly reduce your dress size, help improve your posture and strip the fat bulges off your figure. Ardyss Body Magic support combines fashion, orthopedics and technology to produce a remarkable change in your figure. You can reduce your figure by two or three sizes instantly with this carefully designed undergarment, which will give your waist renewed definition, assist in slimming your thighs, and provide lift to the breasts, all without difficult, painful and expensive surgery. In addition, Ardyss Body Magic garments were designed with the input of an orthopedic surgeon and clothing design professionals to support the lower back and help to straighten your posture. They apply even, consistent, comfortable pressure on where it can do the most good. Your abdomen will be flattened; contributing tone to those muscles and helping your abdominal organs function more efficiently. Buttocks are reshaped when Ardyss Body Magic design helps to round and/or reduce them. You'll be wearing a compression garment that eliminates those fatty lumps and both smoothes and moves fat to places where it belongs. The lumbar and abdominal support will have you standing taller, in a position that naturally strengthens the muscles you need for a youthful figure. Ardyss Body Magic garments are designed to lift and reshape breasts as nature made them. This comfortable, feminine garment will provide you with instant results, getting you off to a quick start in your weight loss efforts. There are a number of designs for our reshaping undergarments, for both men and women. Our doctors, engineers and fashion designers are continuing to refine this revolutionary fat reduction concept and apply it in a variety of high-tech, highly attractive clothing options. But for women who need that kick-start for launching a body improvement program, nothing will work better than an Ardyss Body Magic sheath that instantly shapes you, slims you and gives you a reason to supplement these results, if you choose, with dieting and exercise. Location: Beaumont

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